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What My Guests Are Saying

These events make everyone feel welcome and want to dance. Even those of us who have never been to any events like these. I recommend anyone to go to any Krewphoria event.

Nikole Chumley

Went to my first Krewphoria Event, Malama Masquerade! The set up and decorations were awesome! there were masks available if you didnt have one, multiple photo stations, awesome lights, and amazing local DJs. I had so much fun and look forward to the next!

Shanna Flemming

Every event is always well put together. It's very apparent that the set is well thought out and organized. If you need an event planner for any occasion I would highly recommend Krewphoria Events.

Brittany Hendricks

I highly recommend checking out and supporting Krewphoria's events. I love the extent Krewphoria goes to reach out and give back to our community through hosting quality charitable events. Very eager to see what Krewphoria comes up in the future and how they can further benefit our community.

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